These days it seems that men can't do anything right. Not even suffer pain. According to a recent study presented by Dr. Francis Keefe of Ohio State University, women tend to regard pain as a call-to-action, and they take measures to overcome the discomfort or to relieve it through what he called "emotional coping." This coping includes distracting activities, venting emotions, seeking support of others and even finding comfort in prayer. Men, who tend to suffer in silence, get it all wrong. This sort of study is quite common now, and it always seems that no matter what activity is under discussion, if men and women behave differently, whatever women do is right. When this sort of "women good, men bad" political correctness starts to seep into the medical research literature, things have come to quite a pass.

A million men assembled recently in Washington D.C. to sing hymns, kneel before God, and pray to be made better husbands and fathers. The president of the National Organization for Women denounced them for it.

Sometime during the early 1990's, feminist activism took a wrong turn on the way to equality. It is hard to listen to the current leadership of the feminist movement, or to observe the activities they are engaged in, without concluding that feminist activism as practiced today is a genetic supremacy movement, based on the simple premise that women are good and kind, and that men are evil and abusive.

Far from seeking any sort of equality, today's feminist movement seeks advantage for women wherever and whenever it can be obtained. Instead of advocating joint custody following divorce, the one area of reform where women clearly had an advantage in the past, feminist activists are busy labeling male parents as wife beaters, child abusers, and worse in an attempt to maintain the 90%-plus rate of custody to mothers that has obtained since the days of Ward and June Cleaver. Activists such as Constance Morella, now a Congresswoman from Maryland, even introduce legislation to make judges presume fathers to be abusive. At no point in this process does truth seem to matter. Instead, exaggerated statistic follows total fabrication, as male humans of all ages are denounced in every possible way to gain advantage after advantage, even in areas where women are far ahead.

To date there has been little opposition to any of this. However, some of the abuses, especially of the truth, are particularly harmful and need correction. In addition, feminist activists have recently turned their sights on male children as a new enemy. This is sick, and needs to be curbed promptly.

It is time that people started standing up to some of this. Genetic supremacy movements have already caused enough human misery in this century. We do not need to bring a new one with us into the next.
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